Scope of Activities to be financed Under the PPDF

The activities eligible for financing under the PPDF are:

  • Enabling environment for delivery of infrastructure
  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility
  • Advisory services to structure projects once feasibilities have been completed.
  • Mobilising funding for prepared projects.

Broad Scope Of Activities:

Enabling Environment Activities

The provision of assistance aimed at improving and enabling environments for delivery of infrastructure services, namely: consensus- building for appropriate policy, regulatory and institutional reforms, identification, promotion and dissemination of best practices in infrastructure development and operations.

Pre-investment Activities

Provision of technical advice and assistance in analysing projects, including preparation of project proposals, review and revision of project proposals, environmental and social impact analyses. Early stage project assessment (pre-feasibility phase) will also be supported if the project is of regional strategic importance.


The preparation of new studies, pre-feasibility or feasibility studies, update or additional analysis of existing studies, environmental and social impact assessments, design studies and other related studies in order to improve on the project quality and enhance prospects to attract financing for the physical/investment project. Baseline data surveys, preparation of technical specifications and revision of project preparation studies that are considered to be incomplete or requiring updating will also be covered.

Advisory Services

Activities designed to assess key opportunities for private-public partnerships, where limited and timely assistance in their preparation and implementation is required. They also include advisory services on public- private partnership options; including concessions, due diligence activities, project structuring, legal and transaction advice.